NewsPope to be hailed as 'world's grandfather' at unique Vatican event

Pope to be hailed as 'world's grandfather' at unique Vatican event

Pope Francis will deliver a special audience at the end of April.
Pope Francis will deliver a special audience at the end of April.
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7:13 AM EDT, April 23, 2024

Actor Lino Banfi shared details at a press conference about the unique gathering taking place in St. Peter's Square this Saturday. The event, "Tenderness and Laughter," highlights the relationships between older adults, particularly grandparents, and their grandchildren. "Attendees of this event in the Vatican this coming Saturday will refer to the pope as 'the world's grandfather,'" announced the organizers.

According to preliminary estimates, around 6,000 people are expected to attend. The organizers emphasize that the meeting is designed to bolster the connection between grandparents and grandchildren and underscore seniors' significant role in society.

Our research indicates that the time spent with grandparents is invaluable. The contributions of grandparents to their grandchildren are estimated at 38 billion euros. This underlines the misconception of deeming conversations with the elderly as a waste of time. They are, in fact, an invaluable resource; an age group that still has much to contribute, including a legacy of faith - the organizers highlight.

Italian writers and artists, many of whom are grandparents, have been invited to attend.

Before the Pope's speech, they share their personal stories with their grandchildren. Following these narratives, Pope Francis will give a speech and answer questions posed to him.

Mario Marazziti, one of the Italian writers attending the event, explained that such a gathering aims to mend the fabric of intergenerational relationships.

The testimonies of the elderly will convey a very clear message. Among the speakers will be a 90-year-old woman sharing her life with other seniors, and a family narrative involving three grandchildren - the writer added.
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