NewsPope Francis delegates reflection reading due to lung Infection

Pope Francis delegates reflection reading due to lung Infection

Surprise in the Vatican. The first such case for Francis.
Surprise in the Vatican. The first such case for Francis.
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4:13 PM EST, November 26, 2023

In an unprecedented turn of events, Pope Francis allowed a Vatican priest to read his reflections prior to the Angelus prayer instead of doing it himself - a first in his papacy. The Pope chose to connect with the faithful through Vatican media, explaining he was unable to read due to a "lung infection".

This marked the first time a priest was allowed to read the Pope's reflections before the noon prayers. Pope Francis conveyed his message from his Saint Martha's residence, where he resides, through the Vatican’s media.

He clarified his absence was due to a "lung infection" which made it challenging for him to read.

It was evident that the Pope was coughing, and a plaster on his hand suggested he may have been on intravenous therapy.

An unprecedented instance in Pope Francis' papacy

Renowned for his close interaction with the faithful, Pope Francis required a Vatican priest to read his reflections on his behalf for the first time. Despite his inability to personally deliver his speech, the Holy Father's presence was expressed via Vatican media.

The reflections, traditionally read by the Pope, were conveyed by Father Paolo Braida. Following the reflections, Pope Francis recited the Angelus prayer.

This scenario displayed that even amidst health complications, the Pope can maintain contact with the faithful and deliver his message. Despite suffering from a "lung infection" which hindered his ability to read, he continued communicating with the faithful.

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