EntertainmentPope Francis calls climate change deniers 'Stupid', backs LGBT rights

Pope Francis calls climate change deniers 'Stupid', backs LGBT rights

Pope Francis said what kind of people are foolish.
Pope Francis said what kind of people are foolish.
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10:34 AM EDT, April 26, 2024

Pope Francis regularly challenges individuals with far-right views, advocating for the acceptance of the LGBT community. He has stated that same-sex marriages deserve a blessing. In an interview on Wednesday, April 24, with CBS Evening News, he expressed that those who deny global warming "are just stupid".

Pope Francis often clashes with extreme right-wing Catholics due to his progressive stances. He firmly believes that members of the rainbow community should have the same rights to worship God as anyone else, has called for same-sex marriages to receive blessings, and supports the idea of transgender individuals serving as godmothers and godfathers.

In his interview with CBS Evening News on Wednesday, April 24, when asked about global warming and climate change, Pope Francis did not hold back. He sharply criticized individuals who deny the scientific consensus on climate change, stating that those who ignore the evidence of atmospheric changes "are just stupid", once again provoking those with far-right views.

Opinions of Pope Francis on denial

Despite daily reports of climate catastrophes, scepticism around climate change persists. On Monday, April 22, data released by The World Meteorological Organization and the Copernicus agency highlighted an alarming trend: temperatures in Europe are increasing at twice the rate of other regions worldwide. Nevertheless, a faction of society remains dismissive of these critical warnings.

In response to sceptics of global warming and the imminent threat of a climate disaster, Pope Francis's comments did not sit well with conservative media.

"These are people who are stupid. They are stupid, even when presented with studies. They don't believe in it. Why? Because they either do not grasp the situation or are motivated by their own interests, but climate change is real," stated Pope Francis in his conversation with CBS Evening News.

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