EntertainmentPolyamorous Twitch gamers defy critics and thrive together

Polyamorous Twitch gamers defy critics and thrive together

He has three girls, they live in a quadrangle. People say he brainwashed them.
He has three girls, they live in a quadrangle. People say he brainwashed them.
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4:29 PM EDT, May 30, 2024

They met online, and sparks flew instantly. A group of friends decided to try living in a polyamorous relationship.

People's approaches to relationships vary greatly and evolve. Arranged marriages, where financial status or social group affiliations were pivotal, have largely disappeared in our cultural circle. However, the pillar of marriage remains – many of us naturally seek partnership and often find it hard to understand why someone might choose a different lifestyle. Not committing to relationships, one-night stands, and maintaining friendly relationships with benefits usually draw quick, harsh judgments from others.

Romantic relationships involving more than two people, open relationships – all of this happens. Some succeed, others don't, just like standard relationships. Polyamory is often considered a form of sexual identity. Unlike some branches of polygamy, polyamory places a strong emphasis on feelings, openness, and honesty. Here, the sexual aspect follows love, not the other way around.

Four friends shared on the podcast "Love Don't Judge" how their relationship evolved into a passionate romance when they moved in under one roof. They say they are very happy together.

They have been living together for two years. They live in a polyamorous relationship

Raymond, Tiffani, Hammy, and Jiselle met on Twitch – a platform that allows live streaming, including games. Tiffani revealed that she was excited every time they "met" online. Eventually, they moved in together, and although each had a separate bedroom, they "migrated" between their beds. Raymond admitted that if they have a "big sleepover," they usually sleep at his place. The girls gave him the original nickname – "daddy."

Raymond, Tiffani, Hammy, and Jiselle decided to live together in 2022 and have been thriving since then. What started as a group of friends gaming together has become a fully-fledged four-person relationship.

"People will assume that us three aren't happy somehow and we are just here for him. They assume that women in poly relationships just don't have their own free will," says Hammy. She emphasizes that their relationship includes four people and that Raymond's desires are not the top priority.

Internet users do not believe in their love. Polyamorists do not have it easy

The lovers admit that their relationship is not free from jealousy. They add that it is not about sexual jealousy but emotional jealousy. This has caused their conflicts regarding engagement, spending time together, and simple closeness and time for each other. Despite this, Raymond, Tiffani, Hammy, and Jiselle overcome these difficulties – much worse than minor quarrels are dealing with daily hatred on the internet.

He has three girls, they live in a quadrangle. People say he has brainwashed them.
He has three girls, they live in a quadrangle. People say he has brainwashed them.© Instagram

They opened up with painful honesty, talking about the hurtful comments they receive. Internet users tell them that they won't get a place in heaven and that they disgrace people. Commentators also enjoy speculating that the four of them are "only poly for the financial benefits."

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