NewsPolish airspace breached amid Russian missile attack on Ukraine

Polish airspace breached amid Russian missile attack on Ukraine

Operational Command: Polish and allied aircraft have been activated.
Operational Command: Polish and allied aircraft have been activated.
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4:29 PM EDT, March 25, 2024

In response to a massive attack by Russia on Ukraine, Polish and allied air forces have been activated. "This may result in elevated noise levels, particularly in the southeastern region of the country," the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces cautioned in a statement.
"Approximately 20 missiles and 7 drones were directed over our region, aiming at critical infrastructure objects. Fortunately, no strikes were reported in Lviv itself, although shelling in the Lviv region has been confirmed. The regional authorities will provide details on the impact," Andrij Sadowy, the Mayor of Lviv, reported.
**Polish command addresses the attack on the Lviv region**
Following the substantial attack, the Operational Command released a statement.
"The Operational Command of the Armed Forces has detected intense activities involving long-range aviation by the Russian Federation, correlating with air-missile attacks on locations within Ukrainian territory," the statement expressed.
It further highlighted that all necessary measures to ensure the security of Polish airspace are underway and that the Operational Command is vigilantly monitoring the situation.
In a statement issued at 12:20 AM Eastern Time, the Operational Command disclosed that a missile launched by the Russian Federation encroached upon Polish airspace. **"The missile entered Polish airspace above the town of Oserdów, remaining there for 39 seconds," the statement revealed.**
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