NewsPolice uncover cocaine and a US Army rocket in unexpected car search find

Police uncover cocaine and a US Army rocket in unexpected car search find

Police uncover cocaine and a US Army rocket in unexpected car search find
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8:02 AM EST, February 22, 2024

On Wednesday, February 21, police in central Massachusetts searched the car of a driver who was behaving suspiciously. Effect? Cocaine found and... U.S. Army rocket launcher.

According to the Associated Press, on Wednesday, police near Boston decided to search a car parked in a parking lot. Det. Alex Sinni from the Sutton Police Department told the aforementioned media outlet that he decided to search the vehicle after noticing that the driver had been sitting in it for 30 minutes, which seemed suspicious to him.

When Sinni and the second policeman approached the car, they saw paraphernalia on the driver's side. They stopped him and scoured the vehicle. Apart from the cocaine, they came across another, more surprising find.

In the back seat, under what clothes, was an American army M190 rocket launcher. "Once we were able to determine it was unloaded, we secured it. And then we searched the rest of the vehicle to make sure there were no explosives or rockets, or anything crazy like that", told Sinni to the Associated Press. The detective admitted that the driver did not explain clearly how the rocket launcher came into his possession. He was charged with possession of crack cocaine and control of an incidental device.

Sources: ABC News, Associated Press

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