NewsPolice thought he was a terrorist. A tragic mistake

Police thought he was a terrorist. A tragic mistake

The Israeli police shot a man who was mistaken for a terrorist.
The Israeli police shot a man who was mistaken for a terrorist.
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1:58 AM EDT, October 9, 2023

According to reports from Israeli police, in the vicinity of the city of Ashkelon, officers shot and killed an Israeli citizen who suddenly veered off the road and began to flee on foot. The police thought it was a Palestinian fighter and opened fire. The officers gave chase and shot and killed the suspect on the spot.

Israeli media reports a tragic mistake by the police, who in the vicinity of the city of Ashkelon mistakenly shot and killed a man mistaken for a Hamas fighter. He was traveling on highway number 4 and did not respond to the officers' commands, who at some point began a chase. Everything ended tragically.

The suspect suddenly veered off the road and took off on foot, heading for open field. The police thought he was a Palestinian fighter, so they pursued him and opened fire. The man was shot dead on the spot, and it turned out after the operation that he was one of the refugees from the border zone of the war-torn Gaza Strip.

"The Jerusalem Post" journalists confirmed the information as well as the news services Ynet and Channel 12

The unexpected and very nervous reaction of the suspect made the authorities treat his behavior very seriously. In this way, a tragic mistake occurred and most likely, an innocent man died. Currently, it is unknown why he was running from the police and why he did not respond to the officers' commands.

They have been working at high capacity for several hours and do not calculate during an intervention.

Police initially reported that they had eliminated a Hamas fighter, but later admitted that the man had been mistakenly identified as a terrorist. And that he is dead. This is not the first such incident in the recent hours.

The authorities reported that on Sunday, a resident of Sderot traveling by off-road vehicle was shot by Israeli forces after he refused to stop. The injured person was taken to the hospital.

Hamas terrorists attacked Israel

The Israeli authorities approved martial law on Sunday. In response to the attack by Hamas, the government decided to "take significant military action" and send the army to take control of the situation in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip and within it. The Israeli Security Cabinet made the decision to activate art. 40 of the Basic Law.

Armed Hamas militants invaded 22 locations in Israeli territory, including cities and kibbutzes located 15 miles from the border. In some places, they drove around for hours in pick-up trucks, shooting at civilians and soldiers. Many people were killed, and many were abducted to the Gaza Strip, where they will be hostages of the terrorists.

Israeli authorities have sent heavy equipment to Gaza, and a rescue operation is also underway in its vicinity. According to official information, 600 people have already lost their lives, and thousands are injured and missing. The fighting is in full swing, and the Palestinians are putting up a strong resistance.

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