EntertainmentPolice investigate MMA fighter over illegally kept tigress

Police investigate MMA fighter over illegally kept tigress

Karlos Vemola with the tigress
Karlos Vemola with the tigress
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11:07 PM EST, December 5, 2023

On Tuesday, December 5, Czech MMA fighter Karlos Vemola—known as "Terminator"—found himself in legal trouble. Authorities discovered he had been illegally keeping a white tigress in his home. The creature has since been seized and taken to a reserve.

Known for his prowess, "Terminator" Vemola boasts an impressive career in MMA. Since his professional debut in 2008, he has partaken in 43 fights and triumphed in 36 of those.

His last fight ended abruptly in just 7 seconds when he knocked out Pavol Langer. On December 29, Vemola is set to face Samuel Kristofic in the ring.

The "Terminator's" exotic pet landed him in legal hot water. The fighter didn't have proper documentation to house the creature.

As reported by the Czech portal isport.blesk.cz, the tigress will be relocated to a reserve. Despite Vemola’s appeal to the Czech Ministry of the Environment, the decision remained unchanged.

The tiger was removed from the premises on Tuesday, December 5. A van bearing the sign "wild animal rescue" was spotted outside Vemola's residence. Police also attended the incident.

The priority was ensuring a peaceful transfer of the large cat. The tigress is now safely housed in a German reserve.

The tigress's sister has already been moved to the same German reserve. Other animals from infamous businessman Ludvik Berousk will follow. The transfer is overseen by the international animal protection organization Four Paws, known for setting up big cat shelters worldwide.

"She's part of our family. We have an open-plan living room linked to a cage and the children look at her through the glass. When they come to take her away, I don't want to be there," said the "Terminator". He stuck to his word.
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