Local NewsPolice in Oregon discovered 18 puppies frozen in a residential home as snake feed

Police in Oregon discovered 18 puppies frozen in a residential home as snake feed

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10:22 AM EDT, March 25, 2024

Authorities in northwest Oregon reported the discovery of over a dozen frozen puppies in a home on Friday, which are believed to have been used as food for the homeowner's snakes, reports The Washington Times.

Terrifying discovery

During a search warrant execution in Goble by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, 18 frozen puppies were uncovered on Friday.

The search warrant was issued following a tip-off to animal control about an individual freezing litter of puppies for the purpose of feeding them to snakes. Officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife confiscated the frozen puppies and at least one snake during the operation, as reported by the police.

It was noted by the authorities that the home contained multiple snakes, and the exact cause of death for the puppies is yet to be established. The investigation by the sheriff’s office is currently active, and no legal charges have been filed as of yet. Located roughly 40 miles northwest of Portland, Goble is at the center of this unsettling incident.

18 frozen puppies used to feed pet snakes found in Columbia County home: deputies

Source: The Washington Times

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