TechPoland's Rosomak Armored Carriers Bolster Ukrainian Front Lines

Poland's Rosomak Armored Carriers Bolster Ukrainian Front Lines

WHO Wolverine, illustrative photo
WHO Wolverine, illustrative photo
Images source: © Wikimedia Commons | Robert Suchy

5:09 AM EDT, March 21, 2024

Recently, A short video on social media highlighted Ukrainian soldiers operating the Rosomak wheeled armored personnel carrier. This prized piece of machinery, contributed by Poland, has garnered attention for its deployment on the front lines.

The precise location in Ukraine from where this latest footage emerged remains unspecified. Yet, it's well-documented that Rosomak armored carriers are integral to the Ukrainian defense, especially in the most challenging combat zones. Previously released videos frequently showed these carriers alongside Swedish Stridsvagn 122 tanks and CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles – some of the most formidable assets within the Ukrainian military arsenal.

Wolverine from Poland in Ukraine

Ukraine stands among a select group of nations employing these Polish-made carriers. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed a sizeable order of 200 KTO Rosomak units in April 2023, with the first evidence of these vehicles in action surfacing several months hence. Despite their significance, Rosomaks' appearances in frontline footage have become less frequent.

Experts suggest this scarcity aligns with a broader Ukrainian military strategy, which involves withholding the deployment of advanced Western weaponry for strategic phases of the conflict. This tactic is exemplified by the selective use of Abrams tanks, reserved for impactful operations anticipated for the spring of this year. This approach also extends to other high-grade equipment, including the latest variants of Leopard tanks and vehicles like the Stryker and Rosomak.

Constructed by Rosomak SA (originally based in Siemianowice Śląskie), the KTO Rosomak was first revealed in 2001, with mass production commencing two years later. Its heart beats with a Scania D1 12 56A03PE engine, delivering nearly 500 horsepower. This power allows the vehicle, stretching almost 25.6 feet in length, to reach speeds up to 62 mph and cover distances close to 497 miles on a single fuel tank.

The configuration and firepower of the Rosomak can vary depending on the specific model. A prominent combat version features the HITFIST turret, a creation of the Italian firm OTO Melara. This system pairs a 30 mm Mk44 Bushmaster automatic cannon with a 7.62 mm machine gun, equipping the Rosomak for diverse combat scenarios.
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