TechPoland boosts Ukraine's air defenses: Is Warsaw supplying aircraft amidst the conflict?

Poland boosts Ukraine's air defenses: Is Warsaw supplying aircraft amidst the conflict?

MiG-29 aircraft of the Slovakian aviation - illustrative photo
MiG-29 aircraft of the Slovakian aviation - illustrative photo
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10:38 AM EST, February 25, 2024

Poland is part of the 'air coalition' initiative to arm Ukraine with Western multi-purpose aircraft. Experts argue that while aircraft alone may not be sufficient to overcome Russia, their presence would significantly bolster Ukraine's defenses.

A video clip showing a small convoy's journey on a Polish road has captured widespread interest. The video features an Iveco truck, escorted by the police and bearing a MiG-29 aircraft on a trailer. This aircraft lacks any discernible state affiliation markings, and is thought to have been filmed near our country's eastern border.

Are Poland's Aircraft Headed to Ukraine?

The Bulgarian Military website conducted a brief analysis exploring Poland's role in provisioning Ukraine with necessary parts for operating MiG-29 aircraft. The article also speculated about the possibility of Poland transferring complete aircraft to Ukraine.

The Bulgarian Military reports that Poland officially reports that it operates only 28 MiG-29s, a number that has remained constant during the Ukraine conflict. Factoring in the aircraft obtained from the Czech Republic and Germany, the total tally surpasses 40. This metric suggests that, after accounting for aircraft lost in accidents, Poland retains several aircraft that can serve as parts reserves or bases for repair and preparation for flight and combat.

In this context, the website cites information from Zbigniew Parafianowicz's book "Poland at War", which asserts that Poland began delivering aircraft equipment as early as 2022.

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