NewsPoland bolsters NATO ties amid Ukraine crisis, President Duda speaks out

Poland bolsters NATO ties amid Ukraine crisis, President Duda speaks out

President Andrzej Duda in Washington
President Andrzej Duda in Washington
Images source: © PAP | Leszek Szymański
5:27 PM EDT, March 13, 2024

It's a well-understood fact that we are a dependable ally, having contributed troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Our troops are still deployed there, and currently, American soldiers are stationed in Poland. The presence of 10,000 American soldiers is a testament to our security - the President mentioned during his conversation with Polish media outlet TVN24.

- The threat is clear to all. It originates from Russian aggression in Ukraine, a manifestation of Russia's imperial ambitions. This marks the resurgence of Russian imperial policy not seen since the Soviet era - President Andrzej Duda emphatically declared.

The President was inquired about whether Poland perceives a current threat.

- Not at this moment, but it is prudent to plan for the future. Should Russia's aggression in Ukraine go unchecked, it's likely they will advance further. It's crucial for NATO, particularly its European sector, to enhance its military capabilities - he acknowledged.

Polish journalist Marcin Wrona inquired about the dialogue with Michael Johnson, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives.

- As the President of the Republic of Poland, I championed Polish interests. Our priority is to ensure Russia's aggression in Ukraine is halted. It's vital that Russian imperialism be curbed and penalized there. I communicated that this aligns with the interests of the United States as well. Every major conflict in Europe has historically drawn American forces into battle, leaving behind numerous graves of American soldiers in Western Europe from World War II. Providing support in the form of equipment and finances is a minimal cost. I conveyed to the Speaker that fulfilling these obligations is well within the responsibilities of the Polish President - he remarked.

Andrzej Duda also commented on Donald Trump's perspective, which seemingly opposes NATO and Ukraine.

- During my four years working with President Trump, he was always true to his word. The current presidential campaign in the USA is characterized by heated rhetoric. Yet, when it comes to policy implementation, the tone is often softened - the President observed.

Marcin Wrona also touched on Pope Francis's suggestion for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia under a white flag.

- That advice is fundamentally ambiguous. From my standpoint as a politician and in considering the interests of the Republic of Poland, the objective is clear: Russia must be stopped, defeated, and held accountable - President Andrzej Duda affirmed.

- Personally, and as a politician, I am somewhat disheartened that the Holy See hasn't taken a clear stance on who's in the right in this conflict. This has been a point of contention in my discussions with representatives from the Holy See. As neighbors and close allies, alongside the President of Lithuania, we were in Ukraine just moments before the initial bombardments commenced. It's evident who initiated the attack - he elaborated.

Source: TVN24

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