FoodPlum season best recipes: enjoy a plethora of plum delights

Plum season best recipes: enjoy a plethora of plum delights

"Plums - Delicacies"
"Plums - Delicacies"
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12:56 PM EST, January 9, 2024

Without a doubt, plums are my favorite fruit to indulge in during the fall. As soon as local farmer's markets brim with these purple treasures, I make a beeline with my largest shopping bag. Whether snacking on them, incorporating them in traditional dishes, enhancing my oatmeal with them, or preserving them for later, I find myriad of ways to enjoy them. In particular, preserving them allows me to savor their exceptional flavor throughout the year. Plum juice is a refreshing option that effectively quenches thirst and is just as enjoyable when served warm. During wintertime, I heat it, add a hint of cinnamon, garnish it with an orange slice, and relish a healthy and delicious beverage.

Preparing Plum Juice


  • About 4.4 pounds of plums,
  • Water,
  • Sugar (1 tablespoon per jar).


  1. Wash the plums thoroughly and remove the stems.
  2. Prick the plums in several places using a clean needle. This helps the fruits release their juice, which later combines with the water to create a delightful compote.
  3. Cleanse the jars meticulously and boil them. Set them aside to dry afterwards.
  4. Place the plums in the jars and sprinkle them with a spoonful of sugar. Follow this by pouring in cold water that has been previously boiled.
  5. Line the pot with a cloth and place the jars inside. Fill with cold water so that it reaches 3/4 of the jars' height, without the water touching the lids, preventing improper sealing.
  6. Then, process the jars in a hot water bath around 40 minutes.
  7. Remove the jars from the pot, set them upside down to cool.
  8. Finally, turn the jars right way up and store them in a dry and cool area.

Other Ways to Use the Plums

After enjoying the juice and wondering what to do with the leftover fruits? The simplest way is to devour them - they're irresistible indeed. Alternatively, you could incorporate them into yogurt-based cakes or yeast cakes or even as a decorative layer on a fall-themed meringue pie. Remember to strain them to remove any excess water beforehand. They perfectly complement millet or oatmeal, and can even be repurposed into a jelly or used as a filling for sweet dumplings.

Plum Compote - Delicacies
Plum Compote - Delicacies© Licensor
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