TechPlayStation Portal: Sony's handheld device transforming gaming mobility, arriving soon

PlayStation Portal: Sony's handheld device transforming gaming mobility, arriving soon

PlayStation Portal
PlayStation Portal
Images source: © Sony

12:59 PM EST, January 24, 2024

The PlayStation Portal, once known as Project Q, is a handheld device equipped with a built-in DualSense controller and an 8-inch LCD screen to support the Remote Play feature. This setup enables players to effortlessly shift their games from their TV screens to the PlayStation Portal, thereby facilitating game continuation in different areas of their homes. The device is due to debut later this year.

Although the announcement of the PlayStation Portal occurred a few months ago, the device is not exactly new. It is designed to be used solely for streaming games from the PS5 console, with no other applications. For operation, a Wi-Fi network connection is required.

Practically, what is the PlayStation Portal? It's an 8-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1080p running at 60 Hz, enabling gameplay at up to 60 frames per second. The screen is sandwiched between two DualSense controller components, essentially replacing the touchpad of the controller. Additional features include a 3.5 mm audio jack for wired sound transmission. This device, however, should not be misconstrued as a full console.

The PlayStation Portal connects remotely to your PS5 via Wi-Fi, enabling seamless transitioning from playing on the PS5 to the PlayStation Portal. Using the PlayStation Portal, you can play supported games installed on the PS5 console using the DualSense controller. Do note that the device does not support PlayStation VR2 games.

As for the cost, the exact price in Poland is yet unknown. However, it is purported to be $199.99 or 219.99 Euros, so we can anticipate it to be around PLN 1000. Whether this price is reasonable for this device, we will likely find out after further testing.

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