LifestylePlastic shower curtains pose hidden health and environmental risks

Plastic shower curtains pose hidden health and environmental risks

A shower curtain can harm our health
A shower curtain can harm our health
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2:58 PM EDT, May 27, 2024

We may have it in our own bathroom. Although a shower curtain is a cheaper alternative to an enclosed cabin, we must be aware that it can have unpleasant consequences for our health.

When designing individual rooms in the house, it's worth noting that some materials can have a negative impact on our health. Traps await us when we search for equipment for the bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom.

Specifically, one needs to be very careful when setting up the last room. One mistake can cause real problems.

volatile organic compounds in a popular product

Experts from PlumbNation warn that a plastic shower curtain can harm our health. This is because this popular bathroom accessory is made from PVC. This artificial material can release VOCs, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful chemicals when exposed to moisture and heat.

As early as 2013, the Interia portal cited test results conducted in the USA by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice. The research showed that over 28 days, a plastic shower curtain released as many as 108 different volatile organic compounds. Among the VOCs are phthalates, organotins, and dioxins. According to "The Sun" portal, prolonged contact with these substances can lead to skin irritation, breathing problems, and hormonal disruptions.

Harmful chemicals in soil and groundwater

One must also be aware that a PVC shower curtain harms our environment. Both its production and disposal are said to cause pollution.

- During production, harmful chemicals are released into the air and water, while improper disposal can lead to these substances leaching into the soil and groundwater, experts told "The Sun".
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