LifestylePlant these herbs to keep snakes away from your yard

Plant these herbs to keep snakes away from your yard

How to scare off a snake?
How to scare off a snake?
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6:54 PM EDT, May 26, 2024

Many people fear unexpected encounters with snakes, especially on their property. Fortunately, natural methods can help keep them away from our yards. One of the most effective is planting greenery that these reptiles do not tolerate.

In the spring, not only does the vegetation come to life, but animals, including snakes that love basking in the sun, also react to the change in weather.

For many people, these reptiles evoke not only fear but also a sense of significant discomfort. Therefore, a good solution is to create a natural barrier for plants that snakes do not tolerate.

Snake in the garden

Snakes visit our properties for several reasons. They primarily look for shelter, which they find among clusters of stones, wood, or tall grass. They also need to protect themselves from predators and seek places to bask.

Another reason is food. Snakes feed on rodents and amphibians, which often inhabit yards, ponds, or water gardens. Wet environments also attract these reptiles as they provide suitable living conditions.

Snakes have an excellent sense of smell that helps them find food and shelter. However, this same sense can be used against them. Some plants emit scents that are unbearable for snakes.

Plant these herbs and deter snakes

Creating a natural barrier of plants that snakes do not tolerate is an ecological and effective way to keep these reptiles away from our surroundings. Here are a few examples of plants they prefer to avoid.

Oregano is known mainly as an aromatic spice, but it can also be helpful in the fight against snakes. Its intense scent is due to two compounds: thymol and carvacrol. Snakes do not tolerate these substances, so planting oregano in the garden can discourage them from visiting. This plant is easy to grow, and its presence will deter reptiles and enhance our kitchen.

Another plant that snakes dislike is black elderberry. It contains sambunigrin, a chemical compound that acts very negatively on snakes. Black elderberry is easy to grow and can thrive in various conditions, making it an ideal choice for any garden. Its flowers and fruits have many uses, from culinary to medicinal, making it a versatile and valuable plant.

Leeks, known for their distinct smell, are another plant that snakes do not tolerate. The intense aroma of leeks keeps reptiles far from places where they grow. Planting leeks in strategic locations, such as the boundaries of a property or around water gardens, can effectively deter snakes. Additionally, leeks are a vegetable with many culinary qualities, making them a valuable addition to the garden.

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