LifestylePlane crashes onto crowded beach in Puerto Escondido, parachutists and beachgoer among casualties

Plane crashes onto crowded beach in Puerto Escondido, parachutists and beachgoer among casualties

The machine crashed on the beach.
The machine crashed on the beach.
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1:44 PM EST, February 13, 2024

A plane packed with parachutists suffered a grievous crash on Bacocho beach in the Mexican city of Puerto Escondido, on Sunday, February 11.

Tragedy strikes a tourist paradise

The pilot, struggling for control over the aircraft, lost command while flying alongside the Pacific Ocean's coast with parachutists on board. Despite his best efforts, the pilot was unable to recover control, resulting in the plane plummeting directly onto the beach thronging with unsuspecting tourists.

The emergency services promptly reached the site, focusing their efforts on revealing the details of the tragedy and aiding the injured. However, the exact catalysts of the incident remain to be determined.

A disastrous finale

The plane's descent ended in direct impact with a 62-year-old man at the beach, who unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. His wife, who was nearby taking photographs of her husband, escaped without any injuries. "We pledge to provide the deceased's family with all necessary support and stand by them in this time of irreparable loss" — The state's governor, Salomon Jara, wrote on social media.

Furthermore, four Canadians and one Mexican, who were on board the small plane, were rushed to a nearby hospital. They were all men, aged between 35 and 60. According to the Oaxaca Civil Defense office, the condition of the injured is stable.

A recording captured shortly after the catastrophe surfaced online, showing the annihilated plane lying abandoned in the sand, near the shore.

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