EntertainmentPlague of Netflix-inspired clowns terrorize peaceful UK town of Ash

Plague of Netflix-inspired clowns terrorize peaceful UK town of Ash

"Clowns" are harassing the residents of the town Ash.
"Clowns" are harassing the residents of the town Ash.
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8:51 AM EST, December 22, 2023

According to the residents of the peaceful town of Ash in Kent, United Kingdom, they find themselves tormented by antisocial teenagers donning terror-inducing masks. This marks the second instance in less than a week where a youth was apprehended outside a local store. Sporting a "red wig and enormous, sharp teeth", the "clown" was a fearsome sight.

41-year-old resident Claire Gilmore recounts how her children were scared by pranksters at the local store. She disclosed to KentOnline: "When one of them whirled around, he was wearing a clown mask. The sight of the mask scared my three-year-old girl out of her wits."

Gilmore continued, "The toothy grin was indeed horrifying and the teeth seemed unnaturally sharp. My little boy compared the apparition with the clown from 'The Curse of Bridge Hollow', a 2022 Netflix film. Gilmore also pointed out that such an unexpected encounter with a creepy clown can be frightful for the elderly as well."

Another resident shared with the same portal, "I spotted them loitering at the end of my driveway. I stepped outside to dispose of the garbage and attempted to strike a conversation, but they just stood there staring back. The neighbours mentioned them knocking on their doors before running off. One of them was decked out in a clown mask and wig."

A third resident lamented, "A nuisance is loose, knocking on doors while wearing a clown mask. He took to lingering at the end of my garden, in a bid to frighten onlookers." Local law enforcement confirmed awareness of the situation and assured continuous monitoring.

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