LifestylePlace them at the corner. Some say, they have a "magical effect"

Place them at the corner. Some say, they have a "magical effect"

The first plants from the left, namely "mother-in-law's tongue," will bring you luck.
The first plants from the left, namely "mother-in-law's tongue," will bring you luck.
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3:48 PM EDT, October 14, 2023

Some believe that certain types of plants "attract" luck to the home. Which seedlings are worth getting if we prefer not to tempt fate? The list includes five varieties.

Some purify the air, others... make fate smile on us. At least that's what superstitions say. What plants bring good luck? Unfortunately, the list is not long. Perhaps you already have a "magic" seedling in your collection?

Five plants that will bring you luck

First, let's mention the "mother-in-law's tongue" or Sansevieria guineensis. It is a type of potted plant that delights with its long, succulent leaves. According to superstitions, it is said to ward off snakes. The Chinese believe this plant promotes a positive attitude and also attracts luck. It's best if we place the pots in the corners of the room.

Next on the list is lavender, which not only smells beautiful but also delights with its purple color. In addition, it is believed to be a source of happiness. Some also believe that it can help with blood pressure regulation.

bouquet with lavender
bouquet with lavender© Pixabay

The peony is also expected to bring happiness to the household. This beautiful shrub comes in several colors: pink, red, and white. The unique plant is also said to attract love and money.

Peony flowers, which we also call peonia.
Peony flowers, which we also call peonia.© Pixabay

Next in line we have the Sword Fern, also known as the Boston Fern. This unassuming plant is said to attract positive energy. According to Chinese beliefs, if we place pots of this species of fern in the southeast part of our home or apartment, we can count on good luck.

Sword fern
Sword fern© Adobe Stock | berna namoglu

In this compilation, it would be remiss to not include the plant that probably comes to mind first. Of course, we are talking about the money plant - a shrub, which due to its appearance, is reminiscent of coins. The leaves, round like a dollar coins, symbolize what the plant is supposed to attract. According to superstitions, if we come into possession of a money plant, we will soon be wealthy...

Money tree seedling
Money tree seedling© Adobe Stock
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