NewsPhotos Emerge of Cocaine Found in the White House

Photos Emerge of Cocaine Found in the White House

They found cocaine. Pictures from the White House were revealed.
They found cocaine. Pictures from the White House were revealed.
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2:52 PM EST, November 15, 2023

For the first time, photos of cocaine found in the White House have been made public. One of the photos features a bag of white powder in an open cabinet. The investigation was soon dismissed because the police could not determine who the bag belonged to.

According to reports from ABC Television, the cocaine was discovered in an entry cabinet to the West Wing. This is typically where invited guests place their phones and other small items before embarking on a tour of the facility.

The investigation found that "hundreds of people" had access to the cabinet, and no security cameras monitored the area. The cocaine was discovered in July, at a time when both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were absent from Washington. The White House underwent a temporary shutdown following the discovery.

Bag of Cocaine Images Surface on the Internet

The found package was sent to the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia for examination. According to the station's report referencing an FBI statement, the package went through "advanced fingerprint and DNA analysis."

However, authorities report that no fingerprints were discovered on the package. Plus, there was insufficient biological evidence to identify the owner through DNA analysis, according to the FBI. Images of the discovered bag of cocaine were subsequently posted on social media.

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