LifestylePet hair problem? Try these efficient DIY remedies at home

Pet hair problem? Try these efficient DIY remedies at home

How to get rid of dog hair from furniture?
How to get rid of dog hair from furniture?
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7:20 AM EST, January 15, 2024

We adore our pets; they sometimes seem to understand us better than others do. However, one common issue with quadrupeds is their excessive shedding. Pet fur can be found everywhere: on sofas, carpets, and other furniture. It often proves challenging to get rid of. Nonetheless, certain tried-and-tested home remedies exist to resolve this persistent problem.

How to Protect Your Couch: A Simple, Effective Remedy

The ideal strategy to combat pet hair accumulation is a comprehensive one that prevents hairs from sticking to upholstered surfaces. A homemade remedy can work wonders, is inexpensive, and easy to prepare. All it requires is five tablespoons of vinegar and one tablespoon of glycerin mixed with a cup of water. Stir the solution well and pour it into a reusable spray bottle, such as an emptied out cosmetic container.

Use the prepared mixture to spray your couch and other upholstered furniture. This liquid will lessen their electrostatic properties, reducing their ability to attract or "hold onto" pet hair. With less animal hair adhering to the furniture, cleaning, even large areas, becomes significantly simpler.

Wipe it Off: A Quick Solution to a Furry Issue

Every pet owner knows that using a vacuum cleaner to combat fur tufts isn't effective. A less conventional but quicker method is available. Simply use a regular latex glove to rid upholstery of pet fur (or a suitable substitute in case of a latex allergy) by first moistening it in cold water, then wiping it over the surface covered in fluff.

The hair will begin to stick onto the wet glove and then roll into larger tufts which are easier to remove. This method can be just as efficient in removing hair from clothes–by simply rubbing them with the glove or even your bare hand. If, annoyingly, a significant amount of fur has accumulated on the garment, the quickest solution is washing it using vinegar. Pour half a cup of vinegar into your detergent dispenser, add your preferred washing agent and start the regular wash cycle.

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