HealthPersistent cold feet? It could be a silent alarm for iron deficiency, viral infection, or worse

Persistent cold feet? It could be a silent alarm for iron deficiency, viral infection, or worse

Bare Feet  (Photo by: Elena Roman Durante/Design Pics Editorial/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Bare Feet (Photo by: Elena Roman Durante/Design Pics Editorial/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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4:44 PM EST, January 9, 2024

Link Between Cold Feet and Iron Deficiency

Iron is an essential component in our blood. A deficiency can result in less oxygenated blood reaching our tissues, making our feet and hands colder than usual. Anemia, caused by iron deficiency, can even result in heart failure, which is why it is important to remember that it is a dangerous condition.

To ensure appropriate levels of iron in our body, regular blood tests are recommended. If diagnosed with anemia, a doctor will suggest suitable supplementation to treat the condition and alleviate the symptoms of cold feet.

Cold Sensation in Feet due to Viral Infections

Cold feet can also be a symptom of viral infections, often accompanied by chills and a general feeling of weakness. In such cases, it suffices to warm up by putting on some warm socks, wrapping oneself in a blanket, and getting some rest. Warming drinks like tea with honey, ginger, and lemon can also prove beneficial.

Thrombosis May Cause Cold Feet

Thrombosis, a life-threatening condition, may also cause cold feet. Factors contributing to thrombosis include age, overweight or obesity, long periods of limb immobilization, pregnancy, childbirth, high fever, dehydration, family history of thrombosis, and injuries.

This disease may not exhibit distinct symptoms for many years, but forming clots can disrupt the free circulation of blood. This disruption may cause sensations like tingling, numbness, and cold feet.

A Symptom of Thyroid Dysfunction

Constant cold feet and hands are one of the most characteristic symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. Hormonal changes in the body cause this sensation. Icy limbs may also come with a feeling of fatigue, confusion, or weight gain.

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