FoodPerfect garden onions: Boost your harvest with this secret fertilizer

Perfect garden onions: Boost your harvest with this secret fertilizer

Such an onion is a treasure. Use a special conditioner.
Such an onion is a treasure. Use a special conditioner.
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1:29 PM EDT, May 27, 2024

Growing onions is theoretically a piece of cake. And indeed it is, but that doesn't mean a little help can't go a long way. How? My grandfather used a special fertilizer for this healthy vegetable and never complained about poor yields. To this day, I remember the impressive results.

During the pandemic, it became apparent how valuable it is to have even a tiny piece of land for personal use. Plots and gardens became oases of peace then, and the appreciation for them continues today. But resting in the shade of an apple tree is not everything. In an age of increasing nutritional awareness and concerns about the pollutants in store-bought fruits and vegetables, many people dream of creating vegetable gardens. And the first thing to plant is often the onion.

If you also dream of a charming vegetable bed in your garden (or maybe you already have one?), I recommend a specific onion fertilizer today to ensure ideally grown bulbs. My grandfather used this mixture, so I have experienced its effectiveness firsthand. And, of course, in terms of taste—nothing beats the flavor of soup made from home-grown onions.

Onion fertilizer

Proper nourishment of onions should be taken care of at two stages of development. First, the introduction. Before planting the vegetable, the soil should be "enhanced" with wood ash. This will reduce some of the soil's acidity, undoubtedly helping the onions develop.

The second stage begins essentially at the end of the onion's growth. Our hero is once again wood ash. It should be sifted and mixed with water (3.5 ounces of ash per 4.2 cups of liquid). This fertilizer is placed in a sprayer, and we feed the onions through the leaves in the morning or early evening.

The onion will be large and well-grown.
The onion will be large and well-grown.© Licensor | 1195798

When to harvest onions?

You may wonder when to harvest onions to ensure they are the tastiest. The state of the green tops determines this. The rule is to harvest onions when the green tops turn yellow and collapse at the top.

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