FoodPerfect fried sausage: Tips for a crispy, juicy delight every time

Perfect fried sausage: Tips for a crispy, juicy delight every time

Crispy sausage without fat! Discover a simple way to perfectly fry sausage
Crispy sausage without fat! Discover a simple way to perfectly fry sausage
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4:37 PM EDT, June 22, 2024

Fried sausage is a true classic of barbecue cuisine. It is perfect for breakfast and dinner, and its crispy skin and juicy interior tempt the taste buds of even the pickiest gourmets. However, frying sausage can be challenging if you want to achieve the perfect result without adding oil.

Every lover of fried sausage knows how important it is to achieve the perfect, crispy skin while keeping the inside juicy. Frying sausage can be an art, especially if you want it to be less fatty yet still delicious. Here are the essential tips that will help you achieve excellent results.

Secrets to perfectly fried sausage:

1. Say goodbye to a cold pan and oil!

One of the most common mistakes is throwing the sausage into a cold pan with oil. Low temperature and vegetable fat do not contribute to perfect frying. Instead, heat the pan to the appropriate temperature and use goose fat for frying. Goose fat is more resistant to high temperatures, and the sausage fries faster, gaining exceptional crunchiness.

2. Take the sausage out of the refrigerator before frying

Placing cold sausage on hot fat is a recipe for an undercooked interior and burnt skin. To prevent this, take the sausage from the refrigerator about 40 minutes before frying and leave it at room temperature. This way, the meat will warm up evenly, and the frying process will go more smoothly.

3. Do not pierce the skin!

Use tongs instead of a fork to turn the sausage in the pan. Piercing causes valuable juices to leak out, resulting in dry and tasteless meat. Also, remember to keep proper spacing between sausages while frying. This way, they will maintain a constant temperature and fry evenly.

Following these simple rules, you can easily prepare perfectly fried sausage without unnecessary oil. It will be crispy on the outside, juicy inside, and delightful with its robust flavor. Enjoy!

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