LifestylePerfect Easter eggs: How to boil them without cracking and why they symbolize rebirth

Perfect Easter eggs: How to boil them without cracking and why they symbolize rebirth

Cracking eggs is a nightmare for housewives and homeowners.
Cracking eggs is a nightmare for housewives and homeowners.
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1:14 PM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:02 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Easter holidays are invariably associated with eggs. They are used for the Easter food blessing, for creating dyed and blown eggs, and not forgetting their important role, even as shells, on the Easter table. However, sometimes eggs crack during boiling. What causes this? How can we prevent it?

Follow this method to avoid cracked shell eggs

Why do eggs crack during boiling? The reason is singular and understandably quite commonplace. Eggs typically crack when they experience extreme temperature changes during cooking. This happens when we take eggs directly from the fridge and put them into boiling water. This "thermal shock" causes the shells to crack.

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To prevent cracking, it's best to bring eggs to room temperature before cooking. Leave them out for at least a half an hour. But the best way is to have fresh farm eggs and store them not in the refrigerator, but in a cupboard-like space.

Here's another trick that ensures the eggs won't crack during boiling. Simply adding a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to the boiling water can effectively protect the eggshells from cracking.

How did eggs become a symbol of Easter?

Easter is observed by Catholics and commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on Easter Sunday, as narrated in the Bible. This holiday is pivotal for Christians, with all Easter traditions closely associated with the Bible. The eggs used in the Easter food blessing and countless forms of decorations symbolize new life and rebirth. Christians believe that the egg represents the triumph of life over death.

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