TechPentagon's AARO report debunks UFO claims and alien technology rumors

Pentagon's AARO report debunks UFO claims and alien technology rumors

UFO, illustrative photo
UFO, illustrative photo
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1:44 PM EDT, March 11, 2024

The release came as a rebuttal to the wave of reports and conjecture, alongside the public assertions of David Grusch. The retired military officer and former AARO staffer testified that the American government has acknowledged the presence of an extraterrestrial civilization since the 1930s and holds objects and technology of "non-human origin," acquired through reverse engineering.

Do UFOs exist?

The findings by AARO clash with Grusch's claims and those of his colleagues. The document highlighted a lack of evidence supporting the extraterrestrial origin of the unidentified aerial phenomena.

"Extensive investigations across all levels of classification concluded that the majority of sightings were identifiable as common objects or phenomena, attributed to misidentification," the 64-page report stated.

Pentagon spokesperson Gen. Pat Ryder verified that the document is the culmination of "thorough investigation," with AARO members gaining access to comprehensive information from various agencies.

Extraterrestrial technologies on Earth?

The report further addressed rumors that the US government and private entities are "reverse-engineering alien technology" and concealing it.

AARO reviewed all government-led UFO research initiatives starting from 1949 and found no evidence of extraterrestrial life forms.

The review included investigations into incidents like the purported flying saucer crash in Roswell, New Mexico - a hotspot for UFO enthusiasts and dubbed the City of Aliens.

"AARO discovered no concrete evidence to support the allegations that the U.S. government and private firms were attempting to reverse-engineer alien technology. Furthermore, AARO invalidated claims concerning specific individuals, renowned sites, technological experiments, and documents allegedly linked to the reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial tech," the report clarified.

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