NewsPentagon Warns of Increasing Risk to Ukraine Amid U.S. Aid Delays

Pentagon Warns of Increasing Risk to Ukraine Amid U.S. Aid Delays

US general warns. "We're putting Ukraine at risk."
US general warns. "We're putting Ukraine at risk."
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10:12 AM EDT, March 20, 2024
Pentagon Commander, Major General Patrick Ryder, expressed concerns that delays in U.S. aid to Ukraine are escalating the risk of potential failure with each passing day.

At the start of the year, significant funding issues emerged regarding U.S. aid to Ukraine. The U.S. administration currently lacks the funds to send additional military aid packages to Ukraine due to a bill passed by the Senate, which allocates $60 billion.

The impact of this funding shortfall is evident on the battlefield, where the Ukrainian army struggles to maintain the initiative. The situation on the front is reportedly deteriorating week by week.

The lack of artillery ammunition is becoming a critical issue for the Ukrainian forces, leading to a worsening situation on the frontlines. Some European politicians have echoed this concern, which has also caught the attention of U.S. lawmakers.

"Of course, delays in providing Ukraine with what it needs still expose Ukraine to increased risk. We are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation, the importance, and the urgency of the need for ammunition and other capabilities. Therefore, we will again continue to work closely with our Congress," admitted Major General Patrick Ryder, as quoted by "Ukrainian Pravda."

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Ryder praised the Ukrainians as "extremely brave, courageous, and innovative fighters" in their defense against the Russian invasion.

Despite Russian forces' gradual territorial gains, Ryder emphasized that Ukrainian defenders are successfully holding their positions on much of the frontline.

"We still see Ukraine holding its ground. So, we will focus on supporting Ukraine and making sure that Russia will not be able to take over more territory. And then, hopefully, in the future, Ukraine will regain its territory," said Ryder.

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