NewsPentagon Chief warns: A NATO-Russia conflict likely if Ukraine falls

Pentagon Chief warns: A NATO-Russia conflict likely if Ukraine falls

Pentagon Chief warns: A NATO-Russia conflict likely if Ukraine falls
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3:26 AM EST, March 1, 2024

Speaking before the American House of Representatives' Armed Services Committee, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin highlighted the importance of approving a new aid package for Ukraine for global security.

"It's crucial to prevent a scenario where a country can redraw its neighbors' borders and illegally annex sovereign territory," Austin remarked.

He pointed out that Vladimir Putin's success in Ukraine would likely embolden him to take more aggressive actions in the region. "Other leaders, particularly autocrats, will see this as an encouragement if we fail to support democracy," Austin explained.

The Pentagon head also mentioned the direct threat to the Baltic states should Ukraine lose. "If you're in the Baltic states, you're rightly worried about being next. They are well aware of Putin's capabilities. Frankly, if Ukraine falls, a NATO conflict with Russia seems inevitable," Austin stated.

Putin issues another global threat

"Doesn't this raise the threat of a nuclear conflict and the potential destruction of civilization? Do they not realize this?" Putin questioned, referring to French President Emmanuel Macron's suggestion of introducing NATO troops into Ukraine.

Putin emphasized the severe consequences of escalating the conflict, cautioning that Russia has weapons that can reach NATO countries. The US Department of State responded to his statements.

"There's no indication that Russia is preparing to deploy nuclear weapons, but we will remain vigilant," said Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.


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