Tips&TricksPeace lily winter care: Reviving wilted indoor plants with the 'cucumber slice test'

Peace lily winter care: Reviving wilted indoor plants with the 'cucumber slice test'

Now I know what to do when a spathiphyllum wilts.
Now I know what to do when a spathiphyllum wilts.
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7:31 AM EST, February 11, 2024

Most of us have likely witnessed the Spathiphyllum turn yellow and wilt at an alarming speed. The primary triggers for this deterioration could be several factors, particularly during winter when the indoor air becomes dry, the access to daylight dwindles, and room ventilation is inadequate. These conditions can make it easier for diseases or pests to invade our Spathiphyllum. If you notice any of these signs, you can quickly diagnose the issue by using a fresh cucumber slice.

Spathiphyllum prefers ample light, but not direct sunlight, which could cause lasting damage to its delicate and long leaves. The plant can flourish best when placed near an east or west window behind a curtain. It's particularly important to remember this during seasons when Spathiphyllum tends to turn yellow and wilt, due to diminished exposure to light, which only exacerbates the situation. True enthusiasts understand that Spathiphyllums are uniquely delicate potted plants that can easily and persistently become "offended".

The temperature plays a critical role in their cultivation, as they favor warm environments. A minimum of 64 degrees Fahrenheit in winter is sufficient for Spathiphyllums to grow lushly and healthily. It's essential to avoid placing these plants in drafts as cold air can cause them to wilt and begin to deteriorate. Maintaining proper humidity is also important in the care of Spathiphyllum. They are best misted with water and watering should be limit to prevent attracting fungal diseases and moisture-loving pests to their pots.

Reviving your Spathiphyllum with the simple "cucumber slice test"

Identifying petty intruders, like earthworms and nematodes, on our Spathiphyllum with the naked eye can be challenging. These pests spread on the leaves and in the plant pot, causing it to turn yellow and wilt and halting its growth. To assist in this situation, a simple "cucumber slice test" can give us accurate feedback on the health of the Spathiphyllum and confirm if pests are present.

This procedure only requires a slice of fresh cucumber or any other vegetable with a strong aroma. Please place it in the Spathiphyllum’s pot for 24 hours and assess the results. The condition of the cucumber can give insight into the health of the Spathiphyllum. If the vegetable shows damage, dark lines, or spots, your Spathiphyllum is likely suffering from a pest problem. To remedy this, it's best to isolate the plant and replace its substrate, which can lead to a speedy recovery.

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