EntertainmentPaul Walker turned down $10m Superman role. How Fast and Furious star picked lifestyle over wealth

Paul Walker turned down $10m Superman role. How Fast and Furious star picked lifestyle over wealth

Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner in "Fast and Furious 6"
Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner in "Fast and Furious 6"
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3:07 PM EST, January 16, 2024

Just over a month ago, we acknowledged the 10th anniversary of the star's passing. His screen and off-screen friend, Vin Diesel, commemorated the occasion with a heartfelt homage on his Instagram profile. Recently, more information about Walker's dismissal of a profitable contract has come to light.

It has been public knowledge for some time that the American was slated to personify the iconic superhero figure, Superman, hailing from DC Comics. The actor expressed his aspirations for this role back in 2003. The documentary "I Am Paul Walker," filmed by Adrian Buitenhuis in 2018, gives more insights into this.

The $10 million deal he refused

The matter is currently being revisited by outlets, including "Deadline" magazine. Discussions about this unsuccessful venture were revealed by the late actor's former manager, Matt Luber, and his friend and stunt double, Oakley Lehman—who has also filled in for Robert Downey Jr. in challenging scenes for two "Iron Man" films.

"Paul auditioned for the role of Superman. I believe the contract was priced at $10 million, and Paul was the favorite," declared the stuntman. He mentioned that Walker did not intend to commit to the role for the rest of his life or portray the character across three or four films.

Ultimately, the action movie star did not transition into a superhero, even for a single title. After his first fitting of the well-known blue and red costume, Walker reached out to Luber. "I already had the 'S' [the symbol, the distinguishing mark of the character] outfit, cape, boots, leggings... It's not for me. Get me out of here. I need to go. F*** off," recalled Luber, recounting the words of his former client.

He chose not to earn the big bucks

The "Deadline" news portal also recollected Walker's commentary on this issue, dating over 20 years ago. It validates that the then 30-year-old actor deliberately refrained from a potentially very lucrative assignment.

"Yes, I could make a heap of money from this role. I could feasibly procure a squadron of jets or an entire island. But guess what? I don't need that." My preferred running shoes are priced at $23. I seldom spend more than $40 on trousers. Add a T-shirt to that, costing $20 or $10, depending on whether I purchase it at the beach. I don't require an excess of money to adhere to this lifestyle," clarified the highest-grossing actor of that period on his outlook towards wealth.

It's important to recall that by then, the initial two installments of the hit series, produced for $114 million, generated over $443 million combined. The latest, the 10th part of the saga, can be accessed on the SkyShowtime platform.

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