TechPath of Exile 2 shakes up gaming: more than just an update, could it overshadow Diablo 4?

Path of Exile 2 shakes up gaming: more than just an update, could it overshadow Diablo 4?

More and more is known about Path of Exile 2.
More and more is known about Path of Exile 2.
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6:24 PM EST, January 24, 2024

Path of Exile 2 is rapidly approaching. The date of the beta tests is now known, but unfortunately, there's still a considerable wait ahead. The launch is set for June 7, 2024, but given repeated date changes, this timeline is by no means certain.

So, what did we learn about Path of Exile 2 during Exilecon 2023?

  • Path of Exile 2 won't just be an update to PoE. The developers have announced a shift in direction, with plans to separate the two versions into distinct games.
  • The game will feature a total of 12 character classes, with half originating from the first PoE and the remaining six being unique new classes.
  • Elements of the two games will be interconnected - skins purchased will be usable in both games.
  • Path of Exile 2 will include 1500 passive skills and 240 active ones, around 100 different environments, and over 600 monsters.
  • A "dodge forward" mechanic, reminiscent of Dark Souls, will be introduced in PoE 2.
  • The game will feature a storyline campaign divided into six chapters.
  • There will be new types of weapons and an upgraded gem system.

This announcement signified a major shift in direction. Initially, the developers intended to release a massive update, with PoE 2 replacing PoE. However, it now appears that they've opted to retain Path of Exile while building Path of Exile 2 separately. That said, some shared features will persist.

Similar to Call of Duty: Warzone, both games will share certain purchases. Consequently, weapon or armor skins could be transferred between both games. Nevertheless, items specific to one game through microtransactions will only be available within that particular title. These items are likely expected to be those that are linked to the story or events of each game.

Could Path of Exile 2 compete with Diablo 4? It's a possibility

The creators of Diablo 4 are currently grappling with a severe image crisis. Recent, largely unsuccessful updates have left the player community feeling disconnected. Intense criticism on social media, coupled with numerous videos from gaming influencers, forced the developers to rescind these unfavorable changes.

Contrastingly, the creators of Path of Exile consistently interact with their community, seeking out their opinions and incorporating them into each update. Hence, announcements related to PoE 2 are presented through the Exilecon event, rather than a simple online broadcast or article.

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