NewsPassenger squats in aisle after airplane bathroom is locked

Passenger squats in aisle after airplane bathroom is locked

The woman took off her pants and squatted in the airplane aisle.
The woman took off her pants and squatted in the airplane aisle.
Images source: © Facebook
1:21 PM EST, November 24, 2023

An alarming incident recently unfolded on a Frontier Airlines flight from Florida to Philadelphia. A passenger, desiring to use the bathroom during landing, resorted to squatting in the aisle after a stewardess denied her request.

A shocking video surfaced on Facebook, shared by Julie Hartman. She bore witness to the distasteful behavior on the Frontier Airlines flight from Florida to Philadelphia.

Plane incident

Julie narrated that the journey was mostly serene until the plane commenced its descent. One of the passengers wished to use the restroom at that point, but the stewardess clarified that it was impractical as all passengers were required to be seated and fastened in their seat belts.

After a heated discussion with the stewardess, the woman grew noticeably enraged. She apologetically announced "I'm sorry everyone", then pulled off her pants and underwear and squatted apparently to urinate. However, after a few moments, she stood up and dressed again.

As passengers began to express their discontent, the woman retorted defiantly, shouting, "I don't care". She insisted that she disagreed with the given treatment and needed to use the restroom. The crew then requested her once again to take her seat as the plane was preparing to land.

According to Julie Hartman, the woman had other grievances too. Seemingly, she was discontent with her seating arrangement during the flight.

"She chose to undress in the plane in full view of two children. I was directly witnessing this spectacle. She threatened another passenger with death and issued threats when I urged her to sit down. I hope she was arrested and prohibited from flying," the American woman wrote.

The fate of the passenger is still unclear. The airline has yet to release any official statement.

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