NewsParody. This is what reloading a gun looks like in Russian style

Parody. This is what reloading a gun looks like in Russian style

The Russians "made a mark" with the action of loading missile launchers.
The Russians "made a mark" with the action of loading missile launchers.
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7:22 AM EDT, October 11, 2023

On the battlefield, it can be seen that the Russians are having increasing problems finding trained and experienced soldiers. A video shared online shows that the soldiers fighting with Ukraine today are having trouble with the simplest tasks, like... loading their weapons.

In the published material, Russian soldiers are loading (or rather trying to load) a BM-21 Grad launcher. However, they are finding this task somewhat... cumbersome.

The military first incorrectly sized the rockets, and then forcefully "hammered" the warheads into the tubular launcher structure.They use a crowbar (which looks like a crate) to do this, which hits the end of the missile.

Everything happens to the accompaniment of soldiers' laughter.

Internet users amused by film with Russians in the lead role

Loading hail in a Russian style. Apparently, it's the second largest army in the world - commented Anton Heraszczenko, advisor to the head of Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs, who published it on his Twitter channel.

Internet users share Heraszczenko's amusement.

What a brilliant and effective way to load rocket launchers. I'm sure the enemy will be terrified by the sight of a gang of soldiers running around with wires and batteries. This is the embodiment of modern warfare - they write under the published video on the network.

It seems none of the recorded, jovial Russian soldiers realized how significantly they were putting themselves at risk. First, their actions could have led to a disastrous explosion. Second, a loaded Grad launcher like this is unlikely to carry out its role and will likely instead be broken.

It is clear that the Russians can no longer rely on the support of specialized military personnel who know about weapons and can operate them. This is good news for Ukraine, whose counteroffensive is still ongoing.

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