AutosParisian parking culture: a ruthless game costing supercar owners thousands

Parisian parking culture: a ruthless game costing supercar owners thousands

Parking in Paris is not pleasant for bumpers.
Parking in Paris is not pleasant for bumpers.
Images source: © Getty Images, Instagram | PhillipMinnis, ga_motorsss
12:17 PM EST, February 11, 2024

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do," this adage aptly describes the parking culture in Paris. The narrow streets and scarce large parking spaces mean drivers often find themselves bumping their cars against others while trying to park. Shocking as it might seem, gently pushing another car to create a space is quite commonplace.

Such practices are inconceivable for Polish drivers, yet these sights are frequent in the French metropolis. Nobody blinks an eye at scratched or cracked bumpers anymore. A video posted on Instagram illustrates just how nonchalant Parisian drivers are when it comes to minor contacts with other cars. However, it's uncertain whether the owner of an Aston Martin DB11 Volante - which cost around a million złotych ($267,000) when new - would share this sentiment.

The video clearly displays the ruthless approach Parisian drivers possess. The initial situation itself could surprise those from other countries. A BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is seen resting against the rear of the Aston Martin. It can be assumed that it was the German car's driver, who grazed the British convertible with the car's radiator grille - a much more delicate feature compared to a bumper.

But that's not all. There remained a slight gap in front of the Aston Martin, plenty for a driver of a Citroën C3 to reckon they could squeeze their car into. Subsequently, they reversed their car, repeatedly nudging the DB11 Volante. The Aston Martin, having nowhere to retreat, was left to bear the brunt. Despite multiple hits, the Citroën continued on its way. Although the French hatchback driver's technique suggested they knew how to maneuver through Parisian parking lots, it's likely that the Aston ended up bearing fresh marks on both the front and the back as a result of the parking incident.

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