Tips&TricksParis 2024 Olympics: Unveiling of uniquely-designed medals infused with Eiffel Tower's original steel

Paris 2024 Olympics: Unveiling of uniquely-designed medals infused with Eiffel Tower's original steel

A man with medals around his neck
A man with medals around his neck
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8:47 PM EST, February 11, 2024

The Olympic Games, the oldest and most significant international sports event, originated in Olympia, Greece. Interestingly, during ancient times, all conflicts were suspended during the games, creating a momentary peace. Wars were even postponed for 2 months, despite the sporting event itself lasting only 5 days. The contemporary version of the games, held every 4 years, usually spans over two weeks. This applies to both the Summer and Winter Olympics equally. Countries that have had the privilege of hosting this event indeed have reason to be proud. The Summer Olympics this time around will be held in Paris, scheduled to start on July 26, 2024, and conclude on August 11. But what about the medals themselves?

33rd Olympic Games in Paris

This colossal international sporting event promises to be a grand celebration. The 33rd Olympics will showcase competition in as many as 329 events across 32 disciplines. Not only will it attract participants from different countries, but it also promises to draw a large horde of spectators. Additionally, fans who are unable to make it to France will also be able to follow the fortunes of their athletes through televised broadcasts or online streams. Of special note is the involvement of designer brand Chaumet, which is part of the LVMH Group, in designing awards worthy of this year's Olympic victors. In their design, the company decided to blend elements of the past with the present. But will the end product satisfy both medal winners and fans alike?

Design of the Paris Olympic Medals

Chaumet, an affiliate of the LVMH Group, has designed this year's Olympic medals and eagerly revealed them to the world. These awards will be conferred during both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Their ceremonial presentation coincided with the official unveiling of the Olympic torch. So, what makes these precious discs, designed by Chaumet, so special?

Firstly, what sets these medals apart is the use of original steel from the Eiffel Tower in their creation, marking an unprecedented move in medal design. As for inspiration, the medals embody three themes: the hexagon, the glow, and the setting. They also feature specially embossed lines to mimic the rays of the sun, lending them a three-dimensional appearance. Interestingly, these lines are not engraved, but pressed into the metal, a symbolism of the radiance of France and the strength of the athletes. Each medal also features iconic representations: the goddess Nike, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Acropolis, and France's emblem... the Eiffel Tower.

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