NewsParents' heartbreak: Twins' health warnings ignored, one dies at 10

Parents' heartbreak: Twins' health warnings ignored, one dies at 10

Loved ones organized a fairy-tale funeral for the 10-year-old.
Loved ones organized a fairy-tale funeral for the 10-year-old.
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9:58 AM EDT, July 4, 2024

- No one listened to us - laments Debbie Morrison, mother of the twins from Bury in Manchester. Her daughters, twins Shaylisha and Chardonnay, have had gastrointestinal problems since birth. According to Debbie, the doctors ignored the issue. Today, one of the 10-year-olds is no longer with us. Shaylisha passed away at the end of May.

The girls had intestinal problems and suffered from persistent constipation since birth. However, the doctors could only advise their mother to provide plenty of "fruit, vegetables, and water" to alleviate the problem.

In May, Shaylisha had to take time off from school due to diarrhea and vomiting.

One evening she fell asleep on the sofa, and her panicked father, Eddie, went to check on her. He discovered that the girl was unresponsive. Despite cardiopulmonary resuscitation efforts by neighbors and paramedics, she could not be saved. The girl's mother holds a grudge against the doctors.

We kept telling the authorities and professionals that something wasn't right. But all they kept telling us was this is normal for premature babies and to just keep giving them plenty of water and fruit and veg. This has been going on for 10 years. No one has listened to us, and it's taken for one of my daughters to pass away and for her twin sister to end up in hospital with exactly the same thing.
No one ever said that they would refer them to the hospital for scans or x-rays which should have been done. Maybe this could have been dealt with years ago and this horrendous ordeal would have been prevented - said Debbie Morrison.

As she adds, Shaylisha's twin sister was profoundly affected by her sister's death. Just four days after her sister's death, Chardonnay was hospitalized with similar symptoms. According to her mother, the girl is responding well to treatment.

Doctors ignored symptoms, 10-year-old passed away. a royal farewell

The final journey of 10-year-old Shaylisha was organized in a truly royal style. The girl's body was carried in a white carriage, and her pink coffin was adorned with characters from "Frozen." Besides flowers, her loved ones brought balloons with fantastical patterns.

There's a place inside our hearts that only you can fill. You were the jewel in our hearts, you were loved in every way. Now you're gone you're sorely missed each and every day. We love you princess, sleep tight, fly high. Shine bright my beautiful shining star - said Debbie Morrison at the funeral.
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