TechPakistan doesn't recognize Israel, yet may secretly supply ammo

Pakistan doesn't recognize Israel, yet may secretly supply ammo

Self-propelled howitzer M109 Doher
Self-propelled howitzer M109 Doher
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8:39 PM EST, December 8, 2023

While Pakistan does not formally establish diplomatic relations with Israel, they have rumored links. Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) experts' latest findings suggest Pakistan could be secretly supplying Israel with artillery ammunition for use in the Gaza Strip.

Publicly, Pakistan does not seek to participate in current armed conflicts. However, the actual situation might differ. Earlier in the year, a journalist reported on Pakistan's clandestine ammunition supplies to Ukraine. Supporting photos from the frontline appeared online, allegedly verifying this information.

Speculations indicate that Pakistan's covert ammunition supplies could extend beyond Ukraine. Equipment might land in Israel, despite Pakistan officially not acknowledging the country nor maintaining diplomatic ties with it.

Secret weapon supplies for Israel

The ArmyRecognition service, citing OSINT sources gathering data from public resources, reported that Pakistan may have indirectly or directly sold 6-inch caliber missiles to Israel, facilitated by allied delivery.

The British Royal Air Force base in Akrotiri, Cyprus currently acts as a logistical center for Israel amidst the ongoing war with Hamas. OSINT sources suggest that ammunition could have been covertly transported to Israel by the United States and Great Britain's aircraft.

Valuable ammunition

Alluded reports suggest Israel received 6-inch caliber artillery shells from Pakistan. These shells are currently used by Israel for engagement with Hamas and bombings in the Gaza Strip. Of note is the fact that Israel currently operates several hundred artillery systems of this caliber, including the American M109 Doher self-propelled howitzer and the domestically-produced, towed M-71 howitzer.

The motivation behind Pakistan clandestinely supplying ammunition to Israel could be multifaceted. Potential reasons include the desire for better diplomatic relations with the United States, and financial gains, especially considering Pakistan's less than ideal economic situation. Pakistan's previous alleged ammunition delivery to Ukraine led to speculated support from the International Monetary Fund.

155 mm caliber artillery ammunition
155 mm caliber artillery ammunition© Wikimedia
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