TechOvernight charging alerts: The hidden dangers in your home

Overnight charging alerts: The hidden dangers in your home

Charging a smartphone overnight can be dangerous.
Charging a smartphone overnight can be dangerous.
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6:19 PM EDT, May 5, 2024

Cell phones and other electronic devices equipped with batteries must be charged regularly, but it's important to do so carefully.

Many people charge their portable devices overnight to ensure they're ready for use the next day. However, firefighters have long warned about the dangers of this practice. They point out that fires in homes and apartments are frequently caused by electrical installation failures, with electrical short circuits being the source of one in seven fires. Such incidents often result from careless handling of electricity and neglect of safety precautions.

Which devices are most likely to cause fires?

Kettles and coffee makers often top the list of fire-causing devices, but phones and smartphones are especially risky if charged overnight and left on or near beds and bedding. The Fire Brigade advises unplugging devices that don’t need continuous power when leaving the house or going to sleep. This is crucial since many electronic devices are made from flammable materials like plastic, which can easily catch fire, especially when placed on wooden surfaces.

Why is it risky to charge electric scooters indoors?

The growing popularity of electric scooters brings an increased fire risk. There have been incidents where such devices caught fire. The Fire Brigade stresses the importance of familiarizing oneself with the operating manual before use. This manual includes crucial information on operation, storage, and charging. Karol Kierzkowski, spokesperson for the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, notes that manufacturers often recommend against charging these vehicles in closed spaces, advising instead to charge them in well-ventilated areas to prevent the buildup of harmful vapors and chemicals.

The importance of using original chargers

Using non-original chargers presents another hazard. As manufacturers sometimes don't include chargers with their devices, some consumers may opt for cheaper but unsafe alternatives. Such products often do not meet safety standards and lack thorough testing. Investing in a charger from a reputable manufacturer is a safer choice.

In conclusion, the Fire Brigade consistently emphasizes the importance of using electronic devices safely. To reduce the risk of fire, it's vital to switch off devices that don't need continuous power and to invest in safe charging equipment.

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