NewsOver 400 evacuated in major Moscow townhouse fire, one of Russia's largest in recent weeks

Over 400 evacuated in major Moscow townhouse fire, one of Russia's largest in recent weeks

Gigantic fire in Moscow. K-52 helicopters in action.
Gigantic fire in Moscow. K-52 helicopters in action.
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3:03 AM EST, February 9, 2024

The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations reported that the six-story building's fire started after 5 PM Eastern Time.

An enormous fire in Moscow

According to an official statement, nearly 130 firefighters and 41 vehicles were employed to extinguish the blaze alongside two Ka-32 helicopters from the Moscow Aviation Center.

The ministry reported that firefighting efforts were ongoing an hour into the operation. "The air force is operating. The helicopters have already dropped about 16.5 tons of water. The evacuated residents are temporarily accommodated in a shopping complex and three buses. Psychologists are also present to provide support," the report said.

There was concern that the fire could potentially spread to adjacent buildings.

Two hours later, the ministry informed that additional firefighting teams were coming. "The helicopters from the Moscow Aviation Center have so far dropped approximately 55 tons of water. Currently, the site has 175 specialists and over 50 equipment units," the update read.

After over four hours, the fire was finally extinguished. In total, over 400 people were evacuated from the building.

The blaze is being cited as one of the most significant in Moscow in recent months by Russian media. The cause of the fire remains undetermined at this time.

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