NewsOutrage in Russia after Putin's speech. Just look at these comments

Outrage in Russia after Putin's speech. Just look at these comments

Outrage in Russia after Putin's speech. Just look at these comments
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6:43 AM EDT, October 6, 2023, updated: 7:24 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

The Russian dictator Vladimir Putin spoke at the plenary session of the 20th meeting of the International Discussion Club Valdai. His speech was broadcasted by the media. It was in the comments that the voices of dissatisfied Russians appeared. "Our motherland has betrayed us" - we read.

Many pieces of information provided by Russian media or representatives of the government are elements of propaganda. Such reports are part of the information war led by the Russian Federation.

"We demand that citizens mobilized in the fall of 2022 return home!" - this is one of many comments that appeared under the broadcast of the speech by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

For nearly three hours, Putin repeatedly uttered false nonsense about Russia not attacking Ukraine. He again accused the West and the United States of "expansion". He also listed the reasons that "would lead to the use of nuclear weapons and explained what it would lead to".

Putin's speech was broadcasted, among others, by the RuTube service. It was there that comments from Russians outraged by Putin's decisions appeared - mainly regarding mobilization.

"The mobilized are not contract soldiers, volunteers. They are ordinary people. We ask for the mobilized to return home" - we read in the comments. In the following: "Neither we, nor our people are slaves. Take the boys home!", "we demand that the citizens mobilized in the fall of 2022 return home", "our homeland has betrayed us".

Astra Channel reported on Telegram that Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision in the field of Connection, Information Technologies and Mass Communications) and the General Prosecutor's Office have started to combat mobilized wives who are asking for the return of their loved ones home.

Groups on the social network VKontakte, which were started by wives of the mobilized, have been blocked. Authorities are also blocking all posts that are tagged with the hashtags: bring the boys back, rotation and mobilization.

Putin's nonsense. Disgusting words have fallen

During the three-hour speech, Putin repeatedly reiterated deceitful and disgusting theories about the war he unleashed in Ukraine.

- We didn't start the so-called war in Ukraine. On the contrary, we are trying to end it. We did not orchestrate a coup in Kiev - Putin rambled.

Putin spoke of the "cruel legacy of Western political culture of the twentieth century". - Western elites need an enemy, with whom the struggle can explain expansion and maintenance of internal control within a given system. For example, within the NATO block - he stated.

- We are facing the task of building a new world - Putin rambled. He repeated his lies again: - The history of the West is basically a chronicle of endless expansion.

At the moment when Putin was speaking, a Russian missile hit a shop and café in the Ukrainian village of Hroza. The rocket killed 51 people, and injured seven more. "Brutal Russian crime. We need to put an end to Russian terror" - wrote Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Putin on the use of nuclear weapons

Putin also convinced his citizens that the Russian economy is in a very good condition, and the funds will allow for the realization of all goals set within the framework of the "special military operation".

He reminded that there are two reasons in the military doctrine of the Russian Federation for the possible use of nuclear weapons: an attack on the Russian Federation or a threat to the existence of Russia.

- If even conventional weapons are used against Russia, the existence of Russia as a state will be threatened. Today there is no such situation that something threatens the existence of the Russian state - said the Russian dictator.

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