NewsOutrage in Germany: Wealthy revelers chant Nazi slogans on Sylt

Outrage in Germany: Wealthy revelers chant Nazi slogans on Sylt

"Nazi scandal" shakes Germany's Sylt, the island of the "beautiful and the rich"
"Nazi scandal" shakes Germany's Sylt, the island of the "beautiful and the rich"
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8:29 AM EDT, May 25, 2024, updated: 10:35 AM EDT, May 25, 2024

"Nazi scandal" shakes the German island of Sylt, known as the "island of the beautiful and rich," writes the portal of the "Bild" daily. According to the portal, a group of wealthy young people in Kampen filmed themselves at the 'Pony' club, singing: "Germany for Germans, foreigners out!"

Stroenwai Street in Kampen is better known as the "Whisky Mile": luxury residences, high-end boutiques, and celebrity bars. Ferraris, Mercedes G-Class, and Bentleys drive here. It is a hotspot for the rich and famous on Sylt - reports "Bild."

The "Pony" club is known as a place where the children of TV stars, artists, and entrepreneurs regularly party.

On Thursday, a video appeared on social media showing young men and women celebrating Pentecost outside the club.

With rosé wine and champagne in glasses, well-off guests sang "Germany for Germans, foreigners out!" (Deutschland den Deutschen, Auslaender raus) to the melody of the song "L'amour Toujours" by Italian DJ Gigi D'Agostino. In recent months, neo-Nazis have repeatedly used this song to spread xenophobic slogans - notes "Bild." One of the guests in the recording also performed a gesture similar to the Hitler salute.

The video was met with great outrage throughout Germany.

On its Instagram channel, the "Pony" club took a clear stance on what could be seen in the video. "We distance ourselves from all forms of racism and discrimination" - it was written.

Olaf Scholz: Repulsive slogans

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz commented on the matter. It is clear that "such slogans are repulsive and unacceptable," the government head said on Friday in Berlin, quoted by the portal of the daily "Die Welt."

The German government's commissioner for combating racism, Reem Alabali-Radovan, told the DPA agency on Friday that celebrity club guests on Sylt openly and shamelessly proclaim right-wing extremist and racist slogans against immigrants and their descendants. This is disgusting and unbearable.

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