NewsOut with the old scraper: discover the ease of removing snow from your car

Out with the old scraper: discover the ease of removing snow from your car

Car snow removal. What methods are available to drivers?
Car snow removal. What methods are available to drivers?
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7:24 AM EST, December 2, 2023

The morning routine of clearing and removing snow from your car can often feel like a nightmare for drivers. It's time-consuming and leaves your hands feeling bitterly cold. However, many effective ways exist to confront this issue without scratching your car windows. Let's delve into how we can make this task less daunting.

Clearing ice or frost from your car's windows can be tedious for many drivers. Driving with only partially cleared windows is risky and can result in a hefty fine. Thus, learning a few methods to remove frost efficiently becomes essential. Here, we present some practical tricks to help you out.

The reliable 'driver's duo'

Of course, the most common tools for snow removal are the scraper and brush. Although it takes a bit of time to remove frost and ice, this method is reliable and won't inflict any damage to your windows.

Internet hacks

There is a multitude of ways suggested online to remove snow from your car. However, caution is advised. Some of these methods, while potentially effective, could end up scratching your windows or car body. One such risky trick involves using old ATM cards or CDs as a scraper.

A mat, blanket or cardboard

If you wish to protect your windows from snow, a anti-frost mat can be a worthy investment. It's relatively affordable and effectively keeps your windscreen free of ice. An economical alternative is using a blanket or a piece of cardboard, which should be securely fastened to the windscreen to prevent it from being blown away.

Enter the de-icer

A specialized product - the de-icer - offers another solution to tackling ice and frost. Simply spray it on the glass and wait a few seconds for it to work. Then you can easily remove the ice and snow with minimal effort and a scraper.

A cautionary note..

It's important to remember that you should never use hot water on your car windows. The drastic temperature difference can cause your car's window to crack instead of melting the ice. Likewise, refrain from using wiper blades to remove ice, as this will only make them wear out sooner.

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