LifestyleOur grandmothers added an unusual ingredient to their broth, giving it an exceptional flavor

Our grandmothers added an unusual ingredient to their broth, giving it an exceptional flavor

Grandma always made the tastiest broth.
Grandma always made the tastiest broth.
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6:11 PM EST, November 26, 2023

Do you think you've perfected the art of cooking delicious broth? If so, I encourage you to read this article to the end. You might discover that you're not yet incorporating a unique technique known by my grandmother, Sophie. Her broth is so delightful, I could eat it daily!

I imagine you'll immediately agree with my claim that broth is a staple of many cuisines. To this day, many households continue the tradition of serving broth every Sunday. It's also a companion during significant family events, such as weddings and baptisms.

Do you honor this custom as well? Because in my home, it's almost unthinkable not to have a delicious broth on the Sunday lunch table. This is especially the case during the fall-winter season, when we're persistently cold and susceptible to sickness. Broth quickly remedies these issues.

Grandma's technique elevates the flavor of homemade soup

However, these aren't the only reasons why I prepare broth every Sunday. My loved ones adore it, and thanks to Grandma Sophie's clever trick, I often hear it's the best soup they've ever tasted. You should start employing this method as well!

The key to this success lies in a certain ingredient that may initially surprise you. While you use it daily in your kitchen, you likely haven't added it to your broth yet. That's a significant mistake.

The secret ingredient my grandmother employs is nothing more than ordinary sugar. It enriches the boiling broth with fresh, new flavors. Furthermore, adding sugar substantially reduces the soup's cooking time, potentially by 1.5 hours. It also positively affects the meat in the pot, making it tenderer and softer.

When Should You Add Sugar to the Broth?

Now that you understand the benefits of adding sugar to your broth, it's high time to reveal when to introduce it. You can't simply add it based on judgement. As my grandmother emphasizes, there is only one perfect moment.

As it turns out, it's worth adding a pinch of sugar to the broth.
As it turns out, it's worth adding a pinch of sugar to the broth.© Adobe Stock | Elena Blokhina

The matriarch of my family advises adding sugar right after skimming the first foam from the boiling broth's surface. Moreover, she insists that the sugar dosage should not be excessive. A single, level teaspoon is sufficient.

Before we part ways, let me know if you've encountered this culinary hack before or if you know other fascinating and unexpected tips for enhancing broth. I'm always eager to learn something new!

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