News"Our goals are clear". Netanyahu announces "second phase of the war"

"Our goals are clear". Netanyahu announces "second phase of the war"

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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3:41 PM EDT, October 28, 2023

"This is the second phase of the war. Our goals are clear: to destroy Hamas's military and operational capabilities and to bring back the abducted," said Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference.

At the press conference in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted to emphasize that his country's war aims are clear. "The destruction of Hamas's military and operational capabilities, and returning hostages home," he stated.

"Our commanders and soldiers fighting on enemy territory know that they have a nation and authorities supporting them," Netanyahu noted. He highlighted that the military wants Hamas to "pay" for its attack from October 7.

"They are determined to rid this evil from the world, for our existence and for all of humanity," he maintained.

Netanyahu condemns "hypocrites"

He asserted that those who accuse the Israeli military of war crimes are "hypocrites". "I urge civilians in the Gaza Strip to evacuate to the south. The enemy cynically uses hospitals as shelters. Israel is fighting a battle with barbarians for the sake of humanity," Netanyahu asserted.

He also reached out to his country's allies. "If Israel does not win today, they will become the next 'axis of evil'. This is the beginning of the war," he urged.

"This is our second war for independence. We will fight in defense of our homeland. We will fight, and we will not back down," he vowed, stipulating that Israel will destroy the enemy "above and beneath the ground."

"In the initial weeks of the war, we carried out extensive air strikes, which severely struck the enemy. We eliminated numerous terrorists. However, this is only the beginning. The battle in the Gaza Strip will be strenuous and protracted, this is our second war for independence," Netanyahu stated.

"This is the mission of my life," he stressed.

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