NewsOrban slams EU, vows Hungary won't join war with Russia

Orban slams EU, vows Hungary won't join war with Russia

Viktor Orban
Viktor Orban
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3:43 PM EDT, June 1, 2024

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban appeared at a "pro-peace" march in Budapest. He attacked Europe for allegedly trying to drag the continent into a war with Russia. "Forsaking peace means death for Ukraine. We don't want to shed blood, we will not die for others on foreign soil," said the leader of Fidesz.

The Peace March passed through Budapest – a "pro-peace" demonstration that, in reality, served as a mobilization rally for Fidesz voters ahead of the upcoming European Parliament and local elections. Both elections are scheduled for June 9.

At the demonstration, Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke to the gathered crowd on Margaret Island. He asked for a "blessing" for Hungarians living in Ukraine's Transcarpathia. "The day is near when your fate will change for the better," said Orban, without specifying further. The head of the Hungarian government also greeted Robert Fico, the former Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Following the propaganda line conducted by Fidesz since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Orban warned that Western politicians want war with Russia. "Europe is preparing for war today. In the pro-war train, there are no brakes, and the driver has gone mad," he said.

"We will not go to war. We are not heading east for the third time, we are not going to the Russian front again. We've already been there; we have no business there," he added.

Orban also criticized George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire whom Fidesz blames for many of Hungary's problems. He stated that according to Soros's plan, "Russia can be defeated with Western technology and Eastern European labor, and those lost there can be replaced with immigrants."

Orban: we will not die for others

"Many people believe that evil does not exist, even though evil is behind world wars. Either we win, or they win. There is no third way; there is only World War III," he said.

"The fundamental question is already knocking on our doors: will we give up peace? Forsaking peace means death for Ukraine. We don't want to shed blood; we will not die for others on foreign soil. This is the truth of Hungarians, and now our task is to make the truth of Hungarians the truth of Europeans," Orban said, calling for a ceasefire in Ukraine and negotiations.

The Hungarian Prime Minister suggested that a great "peace coalition" could be formed if Fidesz triumphs in the European Parliament elections and Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States.

Ukrainians outraged. "We didn't start the war"

Orban's words did not sit well with Ukrainians. Anton Gerashchenko, the advisor to the head of Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs, reminded everyone who maintains the peaceful situation in Europe.

"Ukraine did not start the war. Ukraine was forced to defend, and our only goal is peace," he wrote.

"What Russia calls 'peace negotiations' is, in fact, the destruction of Ukraine. And the opening of doors to Europe for Russian soldiers," he emphasized.

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