NewsOrban meets Trump in Florida, sparking criticism from Biden

Orban meets Trump in Florida, sparking criticism from Biden

Orban meets Trump in Florida, sparking criticism from Biden
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4:22 PM EDT, March 10, 2024

During the meeting, both politicians praised each other: Orban lauded Trump as "the greatest hope for peace in Ukraine," while Trump extolled his guest as having no equal in wisdom and leadership.

Pro-government Hungarian newspaper "Magyar Nemzet," monitoring global press reactions, noted the widespread attention the Orban-Trump meeting garnered. In contrast, opposition media underscored Orban's lack of efforts to meet with President Joe Biden or senior Democratic Party officials, highlighting the absence of an invitation from the White House for the Hungarian leader.

President Biden, on Friday, criticized Trump for his rendezvous with Orban, accusing the Hungarian Prime Minister of seeking to establish a dictatorship.

According to, Biden’s remarks about the meeting at Mar-a-Lago, Trump's residence, were stark: "You know, who he's meeting with in Mar-a-Lago? Orban from Hungary who has clearly stated his disdain for democracy and his preference for a dictatorship."
"Nepszava," a newspaper, recalled that this was the duo's third meeting in the USA, the first occurring in May 2019 during Trump's presidency. The paper commented on Orban's unwavering support for Trump since 2016 and his keen interest in seeing him return to the presidency.

The portal Portfolio states that the alliance between Trump and Orban has not only strengthened but also become more apparent over recent years.

As Budapest's government places its bets on Trump's political comeback, the quality of US-Hungarian diplomatic relations has significantly deteriorated, hitting a multi-year low. The report also highlighted tense exchanges between Orban's government representatives and David Pressman, the US ambassador to Budapest.
Peter Szijjarto, Hungary's Foreign Minister, was also present at the Trump-Orban meeting.
The US presidential elections are scheduled for early November, marking a pivotal moment for these international relationships.
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