NewsOrbán blocks $56 billion Ukraine aid at EU summit: Insider reveals contingency plan to fund Kyiv

Orbán blocks $56 billion Ukraine aid at EU summit: Insider reveals contingency plan to fund Kyiv

Viktor Orban in Brussels blocked aid to Ukraine.
Viktor Orban in Brussels blocked aid to Ukraine.
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6:55 PM EST, December 16, 2023

Following a two-day summit in Brussels, EU leaders are resigned to the fact that Viktor Orbán's stance on financial aid to Ukraine is unlikely to shift. If Orbán remains unmoving, 26 other Community countries intend to implement an alternative plan to ensure that the funds reach Kyiv regardless. Talks are already underway.

Final efforts regarding Ukraine

Current indecision regarding aid to Kyiv implies that a last-ditch effort to reach a common position is imminent. The issue will be revisited in the European Council come January, but the leaders are already bracing themselves for a Hungarian veto.

As a countermeasure, a contingency plan is being prepared as we speak in the sidelines of the summit by the 26 other Community countries.

The alternative measure implies that opposition from Budapest would be rendered irrelevant and would not hamper the aid from all the remaining capitals. According to WP sources, the 26 community states are poised to provide aid, which in all will round up to a near $56 billion in support or a figure slightly lower.

Orban faces isolation

An EU diplomat relayed that the 'voluntary absence' of the Hungarian Prime Minister, who green-lighted the commencement of Ukraine and Moldova's accession negotiations, was crucial for all leaders.

- Orbán may have reckoned that, in his solitude, he would not so overtly align with Putin's political stance on accession - the diplomat noted. Our source pointed out that blocking the potential accession dialogues with Kyiv would send an alarmingly negative signal. - It would be perceived as forsaking Ukraine - they explained.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian president himself, during his dialogues with EU leaders, stressed that onset of accession negotiations is his paramount priority.

The message was explicit: finance is of secondary importance, with accession being the key concern - underscored the EU diplomat.

Keeping the backup plan of 26 Community countries in view, Ukraine stands to achieve both its goals - accession and financial support at the onset of the new year. Regardless, summit participants are aware that Orbán's 'voluntary absence' paved the way for a political consensus, but also charted a course not provisioned for in the treaties.

This could potentially pose a significant threat in the future.

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