NewsOrban aligns with Trump on Ukraine, criticizes Biden in interview

Orban aligns with Trump on Ukraine, criticizes Biden in interview

Orban assures: "Trump has plans to end the war in Ukraine"
Orban assures: "Trump has plans to end the war in Ukraine"
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6:16 PM EDT, March 11, 2024

After his meeting with Trump on Friday, Orban shared in the state television interview his anticipation for Trump’s potential return to power following the November presidential elections in the United States.

Trump aims to bring peace to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, a goal that resonates with Budapest’s viewpoint advocating for an immediate ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, Orban noted. He emphasized, “I see no other determined, strong person who could accomplish this.”

Orban believes Hungarian-American relations are currently at a low due to the involvement of US President Joe Biden’s administration in the Ukraine conflict. “Unlike Biden, Trump is a politician of peace,” Orban asserts.

Orban emphatically states: We are allies, not servants

Before his US visit, Orban did not seek an audience with Biden or key Democratic Party officials. The White House did not extend an invitation to the Hungarian leader. Biden critiqued the meeting between Trump and Orban, accusing the latter of aiming to establish a dictatorship in Hungary.

Orban argues that the current US administration's inability to reach an understanding with Budapest has led to overt support for the Hungarian opposition, which aims for political change. This stance, in Orban’s view, undermines bilateral relations. “We are allies, not servants,” he pointed out.

The Hungarian Prime Minister is optimistic about a boost in economic engagement between the USA and Hungary should Trump win the upcoming presidential election, viewing a Biden victory negatively.

The Budapest government takes an anti-Ukrainian stance on several issues, refusing to send arms to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. Furthermore, Hungary obstructed a 50 billion euro EU aid package to Kyiv until early February and has voiced criticism against the initiation of EU-Ukraine accession talks despite not formally opposing it.

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