EntertainmentOral sex with smokers: Expert warns of serious health risks

Oral sex with smokers: Expert warns of serious health risks

An expert explains why having sex with a smoker is dangerous
An expert explains why having sex with a smoker is dangerous
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4:46 PM EDT, June 8, 2024

In one of his TikToks Polish expert explains the dangers of engaging in oral sex with a smoker and outlines the potential consequences.

Sex is an entirely natural and beautiful activity. Love can be expressed in many ways, and the most critical aspect is to find a method that brings the most pleasure to both partners and provides a sense of satisfaction. Always protecting oneself and caring for both parties' health is equally essential. As it turns out, even oral hygiene can influence our risk of contracting diseases.

Oskar Kaczmarek, known online as "Doctor Microbiome," is the medical director of a Polish medical institute. He has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and over 20,000 fans on TikTok. He focuses on everything related to the microbiome, explaining how to care for our health and avoid illnesses in unexpected situations.

The expert explains why oral sex with a smoker is a bad idea

Oral sex, also known as French love, is a popular form of sexual intercourse. According to the doz.pl portal, it involves stimulating a partner's intimate areas with the tongue and mouth. This act can serve as a prelude to penetration or completely replace it. For those who engage in oral sex with a smoker, there is terrible news: it's a dangerous idea.

"Oral intercourse with a partner who smokes cigarettes can be particularly harmful to women’s intimate areas," says Oskar Kaczmarek on TikTok. "Why? Because in the oral cavities of chronic smokers, periopathogens multiply rapidly in the gum pockets. When they come into contact with a woman’s intimate area's microenvironment, they disrupt its protective functions. Combined with poor oral hygiene, this can create serious problems."

He continues, "Whether one experiences intimate discomfort after intercourse depends on various individual factors. However, remember that you don't need to exhibit symptomatic gynecological infections to be nearly defenseless against sexually transmitted infections in such conditions, including chlamydia or trichomoniasis, which often occur, beware, asymptomatically."

Oskar Kaczmarek advises that if a partner does not intend to quit smoking and also has oral issues, it is wise to avoid oral sex. He also emphasizes that smoking significantly affects the quality of sperm in men. In summary, smoking cigarettes is not worth it at all.

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