NewsOperation expected to continue until January, followed by Israel's next steps

Operation expected to continue until January, followed by Israel's next steps

War in the Gaza Strip
War in the Gaza Strip
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5:48 PM EST, December 6, 2023

Sources from the White House have indicated that the ongoing land operation executed by the Israeli army in the southern area of the Gaza Strip will persist for a few more weeks, tentatively until January. The succeeding step will consist of precise attacks targeting specific members of Hamas, reports CNN.

Washington is increasingly concerned about Israel's current war strategy. The USA purportedly cautioned Israel via firm and forthright discussions, underscoring the absolute unacceptability of reapplying destructive tactics used in the southern Gaza Strip, the same as those that had caused numerous civilian casualties in the north, highlighted sources from the American station.

Recall that on December 2, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin appealed to Israeli officials to ensure the humanitarian conduct of military operations, emphasizing respect for civilian lives. Austin warned that disregarding these instructions could lead Israel into swapping tactical victory with strategic defeat."

The Israeli ground forces initiated an offensive in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. As of Monday, several tanks and armored carriers were mobilized, with some directed towards the vicinity of Khan Yunis city.

Between November 24 and December 1, a ceasefire was observed in the Gaza Strip. Within this period, Hamas released about 110 hostages. In exchange, Israel set free around 240 Palestinian prisoners.

On the morning of October 7, Israel was taken by surprise when Hamas militants attacked from the Gaza Strip. This incident triggered the highest number of Israeli fatalities since the 1973 war against the Syrian-Egyptian coalition. The conflict, now in its second month, has resulted in the death of approximately 1,300 Israeli citizens and potentially about 16,000 residents of the Gaza Strip.

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